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8915 West Avra Valley Road-Shop, Marana, AZ 85653
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+1 520-303-1498


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Get it Ready, LLC


  • Art McDonald
    Oct, 30 2018
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    Backyard perimeter wall, constructed with concrete blocks and covered in stucco, had multiple cracks that needed repair prior to having a painting contractor spray the wall and house. Some cracks were relatively minor, while others were major due to growth of trees’ root systems in proximity to wall.


    A disappointing, frustrating and stressful experience in virtually every aspect of the project. Culminated in Get it Ready LLC beginning the process to file a lien on our home after less than three weeks from the date the work was performed, rather than trying to resolve issues regarding materials, workmanship and charges. And make sure you demand a hard copy of anything you sign AT THE TIME YOU SIGN IT. Don’t wait for them to email you something at a later date.

    * Original quote was lowest of the three obtained (although invoice amount was 20% higher than their quote).
    * Personnel arrived approximately at the time scheduled.

    * Patching/texturizing material used on inside of wall was brittle and crumbly, in some cases large chunks of material fell off, and many cracks reappeared within only a few days after job was completed.
    * Crew leader didn’t demonstrate much of an interest in doing a quality job and was defensive and dismissive when we pointed out problems with the materials and workmanship.
    * Owner unwilling to try to make good on problems with materials and workmanship, and instead charged us even more than original quote, even though he confirmed after visiting the site the day of the job the original quote was still valid.
    * Company unwilling to accept full payment of original quote amount.
    * After less than three weeks from the date of the job, company’s Scottsdale attorneys began the process to file a lien on our residence. The message was clear: We either accept a shabby job and pay whatever price they decided to charge, or we would end up in court paying expensive lawyers to fight a lien.

    The two-man crew arrived on-site on Oct. 12. About 4-1/2 hours later, I received a text from the crew leader letting me know the owner had arrived and asking me to come out to talk to him. At that time the owner told me they received a “spoiled” batch of stucco patching compound, so they were using something different to fill and cover the cracks/gaps. He instructed his crew to cover the patching material with paint primer to try to keep the material from crumbling off the wall.

    At the end of the day when the crew was wrapping up, my wife and I came out to take a look at what they had done. We found that the patching material on the inside of the wall, even though it was covered with primer, easily crumbled to the touch; in some case, large globs of material fell off.

    In the days following, the patching compound on the inside of the wall was still crumbling to the touch. What’s more, virtually every crack the company supposedly repaired began to re-crack within a few days. I ended up needing to have someone fill the multiple cracks that reappeared. The owner offered nothing to make good on the situation. Adding insult to injury, he said they were going to charge an additional amount per crack for the three cracks above the “APROX 15” quoted.

    After the painting contractor finished their work, I informed Get it Ready I was sending them a check for the original quote amount of $783.25, despite all of the problems we experienced and could experience still. GIR responded they would not accept “partial payment” and informed me they had filed a “Preliminary Twenty Day Notice of Lien” against our property. We could have hired an attorney to fight their threat of a lien, and perhaps even recovered damages for what was obviously poor workmanship and the use of the wrong materials. But attorneys are expensive, and we just decided to make this go away by paying the extra $157.
  • Lynn Mueser
    Sep, 07 2018
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    i can honestly say I have never worked with a better, more accommodating contractor in my many years on this planet. They are reliable, honest, and go above and beyond in quality workmanship. There's not enough stars for me to accurately rate them. A plus is that the entire crew is a pleasure to be around!
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